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Nicholas Maas

As the grandson of an wellknown artist in the Lower Rhine region, I was born with creativity and technical skill.

As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. Handcrafting and painting with my >> Grandpa Helmut << and cooking with >> Grandma Anni << were the greatest things for me.

When I got older, my interests changed. I liked technology and handcrafts, this is what my other grandpa, >> Grandpa Jakob <<, did, he was a trainer for apprentice for many years. And he taught me all the wood and metal crafts.

Influenced by this, I started technical training after i finished school.

The professional life started. While I considered that defective, beeping and flashing machines are my destiny, my perspective began to change. 

I bought a house and built myself a large creative-room with much space for my ideas and projects.

At one point in a difficult life-situation I found my balance in forging. Here I was able to use my full potential: Both: creatively and technically.

Moai sculptures, wood-resin-bowls, murals and much more followed.


The island >> Formentera <<

I've been traveling to Formentera since 1984, this island is something very special to me. In 2010 I got to know my >> wife Iris << and infected her with the incurable Formentera-fever. In 2014 we got married in Es Pujols on the beach.

During our honeymoon, which we also spent on Formentera, we walked through the towncentre of La Savina. It started to rain, we stopped at a small shop with wonderful art objects.

A nice lady shouted to us: "Come in, we speak German here!"

>> Barbara <<  worked in the Coop shop.

We talked to her for hours an hours that day and we bought an "El Pensador." Barbara explained that it is all recycling-art and that all birds in the picture were cut out of records. I still had some unused records at home, so I asked if the artist could possibly use them for his pictures.

Appearance >> Sol <<: At that moment Sol came into the shop. They talked Spanish. Barbara explained that I have some records, including a wonderful one made of purple vinyl, we agreed to send them.

Iris ordered a picture with butterflies from the purple record and so the whole thing took its course.

Over the years our house has been transformed into a Sol Courreges Boné Museum, now we have over 25 pieces of her and various Bru-style pieces by Sol's husband >> Bru << .

One day I had a creative idea and started to work, a Formentera island in a woodslice. After completing, I presented it on social media, Sol saw it and was amazed.

In the meantime I have created various island collections, tables, living room tables, murals, etc.

You can buy them here in the shop or in Formentera in the SolCourregesBone shop in La Savina or in Acapulco in Es Calo.

By the way, very recommendable:

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